The Skin Lab Medical Spa

Medical Aesthetics


Say goodbye to fine lines and hello to smoother, younger-looking skin. Our Botox treatment is the secret weapon against the signs of aging, offering a refreshed and rejuvenated version of you. Reclaim your confidence with the power of a subtle trans­for­ma­tion. Because beauty is timeless, and so are you! Botox is not just used for creat­ing a polished youth­ful look, Botox can also be used clinically to treat excessive sweating, hands, and migraines.

Chemical Peel

Unlock the Power of Radiance with our Medical Grade 3-Step Che­mi­cal Peel. Peel, Renew, Illuminate — Our advanced formula pene­tra­tes deep, shedding dull layers for a radiant rebirth. Benefits? Get refined texture, diminished imper­fec­tions, and a luminous glow. It’s not just a peel; it’s a con­fi­den­ce boost in every step.


The Skin Lab Medical Spa filler treatment brings out the best in your features, sculpting subtle perfection and restoring youthful volume. Embrace the beauty of self-expression without com­pro­mi­se. Glow confidently with every smile, knowing your radiance speaks volumes.

PRP Face

Glow with our PRP Face treatments – a dynamic duo for facial rejuvenation and undereye perfection. No frills, just results. Using your body’s natural healing, PRP diminishes fine lines, boosts collagen, and breathes life into tired skin. Meanwhile, PRFM Undereye banishes dark circles, revealing brighter, refreshed eyes. It’s your secret to a naturally confident allure. Unlock the potential of PRP and let your genuine glow take center stage!

Eyebrow Tint
& Lamination

Experience our Eyebrow Tint and lamination! Unveil defined arches and intensified color that lasts, courtesy of our expert duo. Tint adds depth, lamination gives structure – together, they craft a brow masterpiece that’s bold, beautiful, and effortlessly chic. Enjoy a low-maintenance, high-impact look that turns heads wherever you go. Embrace the brow glow-up you deserve!


Smooth, Simple, Stunning: Meet Dysport! Say goodbye to un­want­ed lines with this power­house injectable. Fast, effective, and no-nonsense – Dysport tackles wrin­kles head-on, leaving you with a naturally refreshed look. Benefits? Fewer lines, more confidence. Get ready to let your real self-shine through effortlessly.


Revitalize your glow with our HydraFacial—your shortcut to radiant skin! Uncover a fresh canvas as impurities vanish with our Cleanse/Exfoliate, tailored to your unique needs. Boost your natural beauty with our custom Booster, then bask in the glow-up with Light Stim for youthful radiance. Lock in the goodness with Hydrate/Protect—because your skin deserves the best! Whether Deluxe for targeted solutions, Platinum for a total reset, or Signature for easy brilliance, our HydraFacial ensures your skin steals the spotlight. Elevate your glow and let your confidence shine!

Classic Facial

Immerse yourself in a pampering experience as we cleanse away stress and impurities, unveiling your natural radiance. Enjoy the benefits of gentle exfoliation that refreshes and revitalizes your skin. Our expert touch enhances circulation, promoting a healthy glow that turns heads. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation as we nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a dewy, luminous complexion. It’s not just a facial; it’s your passport to glowing confidence! Treat yourself to the timeless allure of our Classic Facial and let your inner beauty shine!


Discover the path to your best self with “Get to Know You” Consultation! Tailored to your needs, this session sets the stage for personalized care, ensuring your journey aligns with your unique goals. The excitement doesn’t end there – our Post-Procedure Follow-Up Consultation ensures you’re supported every step of the way. Your well-being is our priority, making sure you thrive before, during, and after your experience. It’s more than a consultation; it’s a commitment to your well-deserved confidence boost!